#FreshStart | Upcycle & Recycle for the new year.

#FreshStart | Upcycling & Repurposing

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January always feels like a fresh start doesn’t it? It’s a fresh start to diet and exercise, a fresh start to cleaning out our caves by decluttering, a fresh start to all the things. In an effort to declutter our home when putting away all the Christmas decorations, I spent some time making purposeful decisions about what to keep and what to donate. If an item had not been used in the past three holiday seasons, it went into a box of things to donate. It sounds simple, but it isn’t. Holiday decorations often have sentimental meaning to us and it seems wrong to purge them from our belongings. But unless it’s something that has been passed down from your parents or other relatives, you can part with it – I promise! #freshstart 

This week let’s talk about something that goes hand-in-hand with decluttering your home – upcycling and repurposing. 




reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.

As part of #freshstart, take a look at things you have around your home and find a way to repurpose or upcycle items. 


Why go out and buy a drawer organizer for that junk drawer in the kitchen, when you have what you need already in your kitchen? Dana at Tattered Style shares this great image of repurposing an old muffin tin to corral small items.

#FreshStart | Upcycle & Recycle for the new year.


Colanders have so many interesting uses besides just in the kitchen. For example, you can make a lighting fixture using an enamel colander…upcycle one from your kitchen. (Or buy a new one in a color that suits your décor.) Check out DumpaDay on Pinterest, or go to their website for lots of fun DIY craft ideas. They have the information on how to make a colander pendant light fixture. 

#FreshStart | Upcycle & Recycle for the new year.


Hometalk has some great ideas for repurposing old light bulbs.  Turn them into mini-vases that work for rooting plants. There are also plenty of projects for you and the kiddos, such as making a light bulb snowman for holiday decorations or a tree ornament. As a wreath designer, the idea that caught my eye was the wreath made from burned out Christmas light bulbs! Credit to Mommy is CooCoo for that fabulous idea! Check out her website for more fun ideas.

#FreshStart | Upcycle & Recycle for the new year.


Here’s one of my favorite ideas! Turn old maps or pages from an atlas into unique gift tags. I found this idea at Personal Creations, in their post 50 New Uses for Old Things. The best part is that you can personalize them by creating the tags using maps that have geographical meaning to the gift recipient. You can find the instructions for Atlas Gift Tags that were shared by The Daily Bison. The other craft supplies can be found at places such as Hobby Lobby, or Michael’s.

gift tags made from atlas

As part of my #freshstart I’m repurposing two fabric covered boxes (from the thrift store!). They are now decorative file folder organizers on a bookshelf in my office. There’s no reason file organizers can’t be pretty, is there? Whatever your #freshstart ideas, I’d love to hear about them! Drop me a line and picture at www.sunflowerdesigns2018@outlook.com.

#FreshStart | Upcycle & Recycle for the new year.
#FreshStart | Upcycle & Recycle for the new year.

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