Decluttering journey; what you should discard to tidy up your home. #decluttering #hometips

Decluttering Journey: Things You Should Discard

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This month you know I’m all about the getting things decluttered and organized. So the last blog post this month will be about the decluttering journey; what you should discard. #getridofit

Look, I get it. Getting rid of things isn’t easy sometimes. I mean…the closet, am I right? I might get back into those jeans one day! But seriously, other than those skinny jeans, there are so many opportunities to get rid of things that are just taking up space in your home and your life. Let’s take a look at some of those things. Some of these things will just seem like common sense, while others may actually surprise you.

In last week’s post I recommended having containers to collect various items as you decluttered your home one room at a time. One of those containers was for things to discard. You may donate some of these things, while others just need to go into the trash.


Here’s a short list of things that are likely old and used in your home that should probably be donated or discarded:

  1. Clothes that don’t fit
  2. Outdated electronics (phones, VHS players…that BetaMax)
  3. Expired items – food, medications, makeup
  4. Remotes that don’t go with any electronics you currently own
  5. Non-essential paperwork – shred it
  6. Worn sheets & towels (these things make great rags or painting drop cloths)
  7. Instruction manuals – seriously, all this information is online now
  8. Old bills & receipts
  9. Plasticware – if you can’t match up lids with containers….toss them, or move to glass storage containers!
  10. Plastic utensils
  11. Extra vases – how many bouquets of flowers do you actually have at one time?
  12. Chargers & miscellaneous cords
Decluttering journey; what you should discard to tidy up your home. #decluttering #hometips


If you haven’t seen what’s in the back of your closet or pantry for years, it’s time to get rid of it.

  1. Old magazines
  2. Holiday decorations that stay in storage…even during the holidays
  3. Toys or games your kids have outgrown
  4. Broken stuff that you keep meaning to fix, but you know you won’t
  5. Old greeting cards
  6. Expired canned food
  7. Clothes that don’t make you feel confident because they don’t look good on you
Decluttering journey; what you should discard to tidy up your home. #decluttering #hometips


Being a DIYer, one of my favorite websites is The Spruce. They never disappoint when it comes to clever DIY hacks for the home. The Spruce has a great list 32 Items In Your Home That You Can Get Rid of Right Now. Bonus: they walk you through the home room by room, to help you learn what can easily be disposed of on your journey to a clutter-free home. Honestly, I recommend bookmarking their website and signing up for their emails – golden nuggets of information!

Another great source for a room by room approach to getting rid of things cluttering your home is found in 150+ Things To Throw Away Today (To Clear Your Mind and Soul). They also take a room by room approach, and provide an even more detailed list.


We didn’t accumulate all this stuff overnight, and we won’t be able to get rid of it all overnight. But my super-easy trick is devote 15 minutes every day. Set a timer, and start with one room. Do everything you can in those 15 minutes and do this every day. You will be amazed at how much progress you can make in just one week.

Start small and make it as fun as possible. Before you begin, why not put on your favorite tunes? Cleaning out clutter doesn’t have to be a punishment. Jam out to whatever makes you happy and the process of purging will seem less like a chore. 

Decluttering journey; what you should discard to tidy up your home. #decluttering #hometips


Let me leave you with our rule at Casa Bryant. It’s called the One In-One Out Rule. Full disclosure this began because of my shoe addiction. If I buy a new table cloth, an old one needs to go (I would donate that to Goodwill). A new pair of shoes comes in the door, an old pair of shoes has to go out the door. One In-One Out. Since we’ve been living with this rule, the amount of stuff in our home has decreased drastically! Give it a try and see if it works for your home.

Decluttering journey; what you should discard to tidy up your home. #decluttering #hometips

Next week begins a new month – February! The blog will focus on home décor ideas for Valentine’s Day and DIY projects. Until then, live creatively!

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Ann Bryant, Owner & Designer
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