Tips for Setting the Perfect Christmas Table

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There is so much to be done this time of year, let me take some of the guesswork out of hosting a Christmas meal whether it's lunch or dinner.

Choose a color scheme. Three colors creates a nice balance. Trendy this year is red, lime green, and white with black. Sounds edgy, but it’s been very popular in my designs this year.

Create a centerpiece or tablescape. Forage for greenery in your yard to use, or add fresh cut flowers in a vase. Even rosemary sprigs tied into a bundle with twine make a great look. If you have small pots of flowers, use those for a pop of color. Consider scattering ornaments on the table among the place settings and serving dishes to create some sparkle.

Let there be light! Regardless the time of day, candles add a sense of drama to the table. And mixing it up will create your own look! Mix candlesticks, with tea lights in mason jars for a distinct look that’s uniquely yours.

Add a name tag to each place setting to make each guest feel special.

A tiny keepsake, such as a small tin of homemade goodies, is a nice addition to each place setting.

Placemats anchor each place setting, and add interest and texture to the table. Each place setting should have a dinner plate and a small side plate.

What’s the deal with all those forks and knives? Having so many utensils at each place setting can be intimidating so best to keep it simple. And while you’re adding utensils, why not give each place setting a nice touch by tying the utensils together with a piece of ribbon and placing on the dinner plate?

Add drinking and/or wine glasses to the right of the dinner plate.

Mix and match is what’s up! Use different styles of crockery, glassware, and serving dishes to create a distinct look that’s all your own.

Nice linen or cloth napkins always add a sense of special occasion.

Entertaining for the holiday doesn't have to be elaborate. With a little planning and attention to detail, your holiday table will be beautiful and memorable.

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