Decorating Our New Home

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Decorating our home has been the best part of our move and it feels good to finally share about it.

Before Decorating Our New Home

When we were home shopping last year, we looked at several that just weren’t us. But this was the one, and we knew it the minute we stepped inside. We told our agent that day to put an offer on it for us. 

One of the things we liked most was the open concept of the common areas of the home. It’s a split floor plan, meaning one side of the home is the master suite, and the other side are the other bedrooms and bath. In the middle are the common areas: living room, dining room, breakfast area, kitchen & laundry room. However, once our offer was accepted I had the challenge of deciding how to arrange the furniture in this huge open area. I’ve never lived in an open concept home so it was all new for me.

Hello! Can you say “Pinterest?" I spent lots of time on Pinterest getting ideas of what I liked and what I didn’t like. We are very happy with how it turned out.

Creating Zones

The image of the open space doesn’t really do it justice. It was really big and really open! One thing I learned from all my research is that creating zones in the open area is key to how traffic flows in the space and making each part of the space feel defined.

The dining room space was already well-defined. We simply added our dining room table, chairs and china cabinet. At our old house there was a separate wet bar. Since our new home didn’t have anything like that, I put into service a wine rack cabinet that I’ve had for years. It just fit in a corner of the dining room and is the perfect area to serve wine or a cocktail to guests.

coffee bar set up

One way to define the space when decorating out home is by hanging dividers. However, we didn’t really want to close things in by doing that. Additionally, the ceiling in the living room is 25 feet tall, so hanging things from the ceiling just isn’t practical. We opted for defining each area by grouping the furniture to create its own space.

Grouping furniture is the most common method of breaking up a large space. We began with the sofa and arranged around it. We wanted to create a conversation area and create a “hallway” that functions to get from one area to another. Adding an area rug to anchor the furniture to the living room zone helped pull everything together and further define that space.

Replacing the Flooring

Prior to our buying the house, the previous owners had done a complete renovation on the inside of the home. Carpeting was removed and replaced with vinyl plank flooring in most of the home, and tile in the bathrooms and kitchen/breakfast area. With only area rugs, vinyl plank flooring, and tile it seemed the perfect time to try a robot vacuum. We are hooked! I still mop the floors myself, but letting the iRobot do the vacuuming is so helpful. We named the robot vacuum “Rosie” after Rosie the Robot on the Jetsons cartoons. P.S. I’m still waiting for her to bring me a cocktail.

In the breakfast area I found a perfect wall to use as our coffee station. A few years ago I found the perfect little table to use as a coffee bar, which has enough storage for cups, mugs, and coffee supplies

My Love of Decorating with Baskets

If you’ve followed my blog before, you know that I LOVE baskets. I have collected them for years, and love using them in home décor. They are functional, have interesting textures, colors and shapes. My mantra is that almost any storage problem can be solved with a basket. When we moved my brother-in-law helped us with some of the move and found the pile of my baskets that had all been just put on the floor when we arrived here. He suggested I might consider a support group for my addiction to baskets. But I knew what I had planned for them. Many of them are used for storing things, and those that aren’t have been used to create fun displays atop the kitchen cabinets. In between baskets you will find treasures such a my mother’s cookie jar, and a blue bottle that my husband’s grandmother used as a rolling pin. I’ve also included a handful of wheat from my home state of Kansas.

Settling In

One of the first things we needed to do was to create a spot for our little dog, Bailey, to be able to see out the window. She loves looking out on her domain and scolding people and other dogs who are on HER street and sidewalk. She seems to like the spot we created, as she’s in it most of each day.

And even though we were still surrounded by boxes and furniture we ended up not keeping, we made time to have a celebratory glass of wine the first night in our new home.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how we're decorating our home. In my next blog I will cover how we began to reclaim the outdoors at our new home. I have some fun pictures and I hope you’ll join me on this crazy journey of life and we can discover some things together.

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