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Fall Decorating Tips and Ideas

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Fall is officially here and I’m excited to share some of my favorite fall decorating tips and ideas from Sunflower Designs! This is the first fall season in our new home, and I’ve had so much fun decorating indoors.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to decorating – it’s all up to you and your taste. Don’t limit yourself to traditional fall colors. If you’re not a fan of yellow and orange, use neutrals. White pumpkins are very trendy this year. And be sure to mix lots of texture into your decorating. Add blankets and throws in bedrooms and family rooms, and you’ve taken care of texture. There are so many beautiful plaid throws and pillows now, so stock up and add them wherever you need a pop of color and some texture.

Fall Decorating Tip - Use Texture

I love using texture throughout our home, and I’m sharing some of my secrets on how to use texture. Since we have an open floor plan, our dining table is one of the first things you see when entering our home, so we always make sure to keep it ready for meals and guests. To use texture year-round, I always mix both gold and silver chargers atop rattan placemats. To add fall texture to my usual elements, I added a plaid table runner and matching cloth napkins to our dining table that checked off both color and texture. And no surprise, I use sunflower napkin rings!

sunflower napkin ring on a gold charger with plaid table runner and purple candle
fall decorated table with centerpiece and candles

I use texture on our dining table year-round by adding a tobacco basket, filled with textured rattan balls, and other textured balls. The string of fairy lights is used year-round as well. The lights are battery operated and have a timer, so no having to remember to switch them off. Using this as a foundation, I create flair by adding seasonal items. For fall decorating I’ve added silk autumn leaves to compliment the colors of the table runner and napkins. (All items in the tobacco basket, as well as the basket, were found at Hobby Lobby.)

table centerpiece filled with decorative spheres and leaves

Decorating Tip - Use a Theme Throughout Your Home

Using a theme throughout your home is a great decorating tip throughout the year, as well as for fall. My theme this fall is sunflowers. Anyone surprised? I’ve used sunflowers on the dining table and added them to floral displays in other rooms. By using a theme, you can easily move decorative items from room to room to achieve the look you want. I call this "shopping your home." A wine bottle spray-painted white serves as a vase atop a bookcase, and a small vase on the coffee table sits atop a stack of books. Anything can work to hold your fall décor. Use your imagination!  Fall garland is always trendy. I’ve added a strand of autumn leaves with small white lights to the mantle just for a pop of color.

sparsely decorated white bookcase with candle holders and small rocking chair
Fall decorated mantel and television
fireplace with television over the mantel

Adding white pumpkins to a console table in your entryway is the perfect unexpected place. Or add a bowlful of small pumpkins. Stack them, paint them, just use them in surprising places. What about placing a couple of small pumpkins in the powder room? I’ve added a large rattan pumpkin to an industrial sofa table to give a pop of color, as well as add texture.

wooden and metal table behind a couch contains vase of faux flowers and a pumpkin

Fall Decorating with Raffia

I use raffia in my fall wreath and floral designs. So many cute fall items in the craft stores use raffia, and it’s just one of those elements that says “fall”. I’ve used raffia in this floral display on our sofa table. Decorating tip: if you have a large clear vase and want to hide the stems of your silk flowers, add raffia to the vase. It instantly hides the stems and gives your display textural interest. I’ve add a bit of extra raffia among the florals in this design as well.

close up picture of faux flower vase filled with raffia on a wooden and metal table

Decorating With Wreaths Inside the Home

Being a wreath designer myself, I’m always using wreaths in my home décor. I always have some sort of wreath or swag on our front door. But I’m also a fan of decorating with wreaths inside the home. These can be seasonal or year-round, simple or elegant. This little 10-inch grapevine wreath makes use of my sunflower theme in our home, with the large white sunflower. It’s perfect for fall decorating, but I use it year-round. It faces our dining table, where we give thanks each day for our blessings and our meals. 

view of kitchen with wreath on the wall
grapevine wreath with give thanks sign and polka dotted and plaid bows

In my next blog I will share with you decorating for fall outside the home. I hope you will join me on this crazy journey of life, and we can discover some things together.

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