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How to Make a Bow Using Multiple Ribbons

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Perhaps the most intimidating part of designing a wreath that makes a big statement is learning how to make a bow using multiple ribbons. Mixing and matching patterns that are pleasing to the eye takes practice and patience. These are the BEST tips for choosing ribbons for your wreath making projects.

How to Select the Best Ribbons for Wreath Making

1. Select 3-4 ribbons that pull colors from elements in your wreath.

2. Vary the width of ribbon by mixing 2.5" with 1.5". This gives depth to the bow.

3. Put the widest width ribbon in the back of the bow.

4. Select the style of the bow that best compliments the style of your wreath. For a traditional wreath, use a more traditional style bow, perhaps only one ribbon that has multiple loops. For a more contemporary wreath, use multiple ribbons with varying size loops.

5. Don't be afraid to mix patterns. And when possible add something that gives some texture.

The window pane ribbon here is a perfect example of adding texture. It's interesting pattern adds extra dimension as well. I always like to include raffia as texture as well as filler. It's great for every season, too.


bow with multiple patterned ribbons

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